Exence’s website uses Cookies, that is the information data stored by a server in a User’s final device which can be read by servers each time there is a connection from this final device. Exence S.A. may use other technologies which are similar or the same as cookies. For the purpose of the Exence S.A. Cookies Policy, information concerning cookies shall be applicable to other similar technologies used on Exence S.A. websites. Cookie usually stores information about its original domain name, time of storage in a final device and its unique number. Cookies can be placed in a User’s final device and further used by Exence’s contracted external suppliers of tools for traffic and activity data monitoring.

Cookies are used by the majority of well developed websites, in order to improve the quality of site operation, including especially:

  • possibility to create viewing traffic statistics with reference to specified contents, 
  • customization of services rendered through a website, 
  • maintaining sessions, 
  • authentication of website users, 
  • providing customized ads to Users.

Exence S.A. websites use the following types of cookies:

  • ‘strictly necessary’ cookies, which enable the use of services available on a website, e.g. using sessions, 
  • ‘functional’ cookies, which enable the storage of settings chosen by a User and customization of the User interface, e.g. within the scope of a chosen mobile/classic version, latest search typed by a User, graphic presentation of a website, sections mechanism etc.,
  • ‘analytical’ cookies, which enable the monitoring of Users activity on a website.

Cookies are not used to process or store personal data, they must not be used for direct identification of a User, they do not change configuration of a browser and of a telecommunication final device.

Users are able to freely choose the terms and conditions of using cookies and they can always disable them in browser settings or service configuration. This may lead to a lack of or incorrect display of most websites. In some cases, it is possible to adjust website settings, so that each time a question regarding acceptance of cookies is displayed. Consequently, a User can control cookies, but the browser may be running slower.

In order to manage cookies, you have to choose one of the browsers below and follow the instructions:

Mobile devices:

In case of no changes being introduced to cookies settings, the cookies are placed in a User’s final device, whereas Exence S.A. shall store the information in a User’s final device and shall be able to access it.